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SMS Prices For BulkSMS

Transactional SMS

SMS Credits Price /SMS SMS Price GST Tax(18%) Total Price Validity Buy Now
10000 0.22 Rs.2200/- Rs.396/- Rs.2596/- 6 Months
25000 0.18 Rs.4500/- Rs.810/- Rs.5310/- 1 Year
50000 0.16 Rs.8000/- Rs.1440/- Rs.9440/- 1 Year
100000 0.15 Rs.15000/- Rs.2700/- Rs.17700/- 1 Year
200000 0.14 Rs.28000/- Rs.5040/- Rs.33040/- 1 Year
500000 0.13 Rs.65000/- Rs.11700/- Rs.76700/- 1 Year

Transactional SMS

The instant SMSs on transactions or at multiple stages of delivery of any order make a company reliable for its users. For this cause, transactional SMSs are gaining popularity in e-commerce, banking, retail and all such businesses. Every company is using them as the basis of sending process information, billing information and status acknowledgment at the present time.

Transactional SMS Services By Bulk SMS Gateway

Judging requirements of the customers, bulk SMS Gateway is providing an easy-to-access transactional gateway to our corporate clients, which is very easy to use. Registering to our portal is the only thing you need to do in order to get started with the Bulk transactional SMS facilities without any disturbance. offers reasonable pricing and efficient transactional SMS plans which can let you send hundreds of SMS in no significant time.

Why use Transactional SMS

Are you not sure why and when to use the transactional messages in your business?

Here are some cases when you shouldn't think of moving ahead without letting your customer know -

  • Confirmation of transaction
  • Status information of ordered products
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Online Order Receipts
  • Sending Alerts
  • Indutrial Notifications
  • Automated Business Messages

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Advantages with Bulk SMS Gateway

Web to SMS service enables you to send SMS to individuals and groups using the Bulk SMS Root web based SMS messaging platform.

If you are Looking to send SMS alerts, SMS reminders, Bulk SMS or International SMS - here are some techniques and many different ways to help you use Bulk SMS messaging to benefit your business or organization.

Key Features
  • Send SMS text messages to individuals and groups from the internet
  • Send SMS Messages using schedule Date and Time
  • Send SMS in Different Languages
  • Personalise outgoing messages
  • Upload existing lists from Tab delimited files
  • View message delivery reports
  • View history of messages sent
  • Use Draft templates to send messages

Using Transactional SMS API for your Enterprise

Our Transactional SMS API is free to integrate with your enterprise software modules. You only need to pay for the Credited SMS. Bulk SMS Gateway's Transactional SMS API lets you enable IP authentication so that blacklisting or whitelisting can be implemented with ease.

If you'll incorporate SMS API services to your business, you'll eventually push the speed of gaining and retaining your customers upwards. Here are some real-time examples to explain the best usage of transactional SMSs.

In schools

Sending Fee alerts, Event alerts, report card alerts, important notices and fee receipts.

In Restaurants

On ordering Food, payment confirmations, dispatching of selected items, arrival at customer's place and successful delivery.

In Businesses

For scheduled interviews, interview results, invoices, order or deal confirmation, delivery report and receipts.

In e-commerce businesses

At every step of product delivery for proper tracking and letting customers know about the process regarding their order.

How it Works?

With the services of Bulk SMS Gateway, you can send the right amount of information to a targeted group of people or to the individuals as required. These are the template-based SMSs which can be sent to multiple people by charging the person-specific information.

Our special services include -

  • Pushing messages to dedicated used on specified triggers
  • Uninterrupted delivery to DND numbers
  • With Delivery report option, you can confirm the arrival of Transactional message at the receipt's end.

Sending Transactional SMSs to the intended public is made easy, secure and super fast by Bulk SMS Gateways at a reasonable price.

Getting started

Registering for your BulkSMS account is simple and easy and will only take a few moments. To start sending bulk SMS messages,
Its Free Registration No Hidden charges, You can use bulk sms with free credits.

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